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Our goal is your goal. At ProviderStaff we work with hundreds of hospitals, clinics, medical centers, government facilities and other healthcare organizations across the United States. We assist with temporary and permanent staffing solutions through our vast network of physicians, physician assistants (PA), advanced practice registered nurses (APRN) and other healthcare fields across the country. We facilitate this process by using candidate screening/matching procedure, multi-dicsiplinary consultants, licensing services, as well as travel advisors.

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We consider everyone we work with one of our “Clients”.  While the healthcare facility is traditionally known as the “Client”, we believe that all of our Providers are true Clients as well.  It’s our job to be their strongest advocate as well as support them every step of the way.  This allows our Providers to focus all of their energy on patient care and satisfy the needs of facilities.



ProviderStaff embraces transparency with respect to both the client and provider relationships. We pride ourselves in maintaining the highest professional standards and ethical values, ensuring that our partnerships are symbiotic and mutually beneficial



Above all, the partnerships that we at ProviderStaff cultivate with our facilities and providers aid us in distinguishing ourselves from others. These long-term and reliable relationships ensure that our providers are able to devote their undivided attention to patient care, and transcend beyond the standard patient care.

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Our years of experience and relationships in all fifty states provides us with the capability to fill almost any role. Let us be your staffing partner today.

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As the demand for quality healthcare professionals increases, there is a dramatic projected shortages across the medical industry. According to recent studies there will be deficit of over 122,000 physicians by 2032 and more than 200,000 new nurses each year until 2026. ProviderStaff’s experienced recruiters and large physician database allows us to find the perfect candidate for your every need.  This gets more and more challenging each year but we are fully prepared and more than capable to meet the future needs in this industry.

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